Small print:

  1. Donations for new commissions should usually be made in 2 equal parts, the first before the pot is made, and the 2nd after it has been delivered. Please use the highlighted links to WaterAid, The Trussell Trust and/or Tommy's above. (For pots from existing stock, just a single payment is needed, of course.)

  2. Negotiation of donations to other charities is possible if begun before purchase of the pot(s).

  3. Reimbursement of the cost of postage/delivery (usually less than £5 except for very large pots, or sets of bowls or mugs etc) may be payable directly to David in addition to the donation for the pot(s), if you live outside London.

  1. David’s decision on whether the pots meet the agreed specification is final!

  2. By making a donation (50 or 100%) as in 1. above, you agree to all of these conditions.

Pottery for charity

David Jones (‘Jones the Pots‘) makes mostly stoneware ceramics, donating all of his receipts to charity. You can buy pots from his current stock or commission new pots by following the procedure set out under ‘Small print’ below, and donating directly to charity on the JustGiving website by following the links below.
If you would prefer to donate to some other charity, just let him know by email as below.

Typical prices for his smaller pots (mugs, small bowls and vases) are from £10 to £25. Larger bowls, jars and vases range from £25 to £50. Some special pots range up to £75.

To order a pot from stock or to commission a new pot, please contact David on