Jones the Pots

Jones the Pots

David Jones (‘Jones the Pots’) makes mostly stoneware pots for domestic use and decoration. As well as mainstream forms such as mugs, cups, bowls, dishes, vases and jars there are also goblets, wine coolers, table lamp bases and water features. In addition there are a few raku and earthenware pots. Some examples are shown on the Gallery page.

December 2021 news

You are welcome to commission new pots. I can make pots to meet your specific requirements. For more details of how to order, please see my Pottery for Charity website (as I donate all my takings to charity.)

You can of course order pots from my small stock at any time. Just email me on saying what sort of pot you would like and I’ll send you pictures of potentially suitable pots which I currently have available.

Presents for Christmas 2021

There’s still time to buy pots from my currently-available stock, as indicated above. However, I have now closed my order book for new pots to give as Christmas (or other winter festival) presents, as it takes several weeks to make (and deliver) a pot from scratch.

Last updated: 4 December 2021

Jones the Pots